The Top 10 Reasons You Should Really Be Angry About The Federal Budget

No matter what your economic, ideological or political preferences, you should be as angry as I am about the federal budget. This is not just another anti-Washington rant  To the contrary, I’ve been involved with federal budgeting debate for almost 40 years from well inside the beltway and I’ve never been […]

Can Canada Handle A Deep Geologic Nuclear Repository?

A proposed deep geologic nuclear waste repository (DGR) a mile from the shores of Lake Huron in Canada, recommended by a Canadian joint review panel, has gotten lots of people riled up. But located 2,230 feet (680 meters) below the Earth’s surface is a good place to put this low-level and intermediate-level junk, well below any aquifers or geologic units that supply surface water or that are hydrologically connected to the lake.

How Successful Business Owners Select High-Caliber Professionals To Work With

When it comes to benefiting from the array of tax, legal and financial advice, selecting high-caliber professionals is often the most important decision business owners make. With a growing army of professionals focusing their efforts on sourcing and working with successful business owners, finding and working with a high-caliber professional can […]