Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber was booed at a Canadian awards show, Lindsay Lohan is borderline broke, and Chris Evans is not quitting acting after all.

How is “boo” pronounced in Canada? Does it sound more like “bohhh” or perhaps “boiii” or is it maybe just “booo” but with a gentle nod and a supportive smile? However our wonderful neighbors to the north enunciate their displeasure en masse, they sure did it toward Justin Bieber at Sunday night’s Juno Awards. If you’re not familiar with the Junos, they’re like the Grammys but one million percent more Canadian. For example, the award Justin Bieber won (“Fan Choice”) was presented by none other than the Canadian women’s Olympic curling team! But since the tiny whirling dervish of bad decisions didn’t show up for the awards, the curling team accepted on his behalf.
To be honest it’s probably best Bieber wasn’t there since the audience straight-up BOOED his name when it was announced. (TMZ has the video, obviously.) The negative reaction was apparently so upsetting that a Canadian singer named Serena Ryder used her acceptance speech later on to defend Justin Bieber on the grounds he’d been working hard “his entire life.” Question for discussion: What’s more Canadian, the rejection of an ill-mannered teenager who’d embraced American culture too much, or the polite defense of his integrity when he wasn’t present to defend himself?

Oh cool, just a child millionaire pretending to use a public transportation option that many of us actually do use in our everyday lives. Celebs truly are just like us. [TMZ]
That spirited rasp you heard ’round the train yard campfire was just ol’ Long Island Lindsay recounting her tall tales of being a rich and famous actress in a previous life. Though nobody much believes her now–least of all Big Jim and his skeptic’s sneer– not a tramp in the hobo camp can deny that Long Island Lindsay wielded a certain magnetism and charisma whenever she spun her yarns. There was the story of her meteoric rise and fall in Hollywood, the nearly endless procession of celebrity hunk beef parading into and out of her boudoir, there was the jail time, the Oprah documentary series, and when it all started coming to an end the local rag Page Six even ran a story about how broke she’d become

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